From Turnover to Retention: Tips to Recruit for the Healthcare Industry in 2020

HireHive Team
HireHive Team

A study of over 11,000 healthcare employers in the United States in 2017 found that the average turnover for healthcare employees was over 20%. This is a significant leap from over 15% in 2010. The critical nature of healthcare turnover is a worldwide issue and if organizations aren’t addressing it, the challenge to find and keep top talent will only continue to rise. When your facility begins losing healthcare employees, such as nursing staff, it’s important to switch gears and focus on retention. What you may not realize is that retention begins with the hiring process, not after. 

Hire Right the First Time

You simply can’t retain top healthcare talent if you’re not hiring qualified candidates. We recently discussed the high cost of a bad hire, and just one bad hire can affect your entire staff. It’s essential to prequalify every potential employee before you bring them into your organization. Once you’ve hired them, your onboarding process needs to be smooth, engaging and welcoming.  

Focus on Positive Workplace Culture

Your environment also plays a major role in employee retention. If your healthcare team doesn’t want to come to work every day, it’ll be more difficult to keep them engaged. So how can you improve the environment for your employees? Ensure that the environment is comfortable, create policies that make your facility safe from bullying or harassment, and reinforce the shared values of your organization.  

Provide Career Advancement 

When an employee starts to feel that they’ve hit a dead-end, they’ll quickly become restless and look for new opportunities. Your job is to prevent this from happening by providing opportunities for advancement. Continued education is a good addition to their experience. Also, be sure to provide regular assessments and increased levels of responsibility based on their skills and interests.  

Be More Flexible

Healthcare jobs aren’t known for their flexibility, but for many organizations, the issue has become critical. Healthcare workers can spend long, thankless hours on their feet, so it’s important you find a way to provide new levels of work/life balance. To attract and retain top healthcare talent, consider how you can implement a flexible schedule program so you maintain appropriate coverage but your employees aren’t overwhelmed or overworked. 

Recognition and Reward

The real cornerstone of retention might be gratitude. Everyone on your healthcare team wants to feel appreciated for the work they do. And this doesn’t just mean rewarding them when they go above and beyond. Simply saying “Thank you,” can go a long way to making your employees feel valued. Gratitude is contagious, too. You’ll notice that it’ll spread a culture of positivity throughout the workplace. 

Tips for Recruiting in Healthcare 

It’s important to note that healthcare staffing works differently than many other industries. There are all the typical aspects such as prescreening and interviewing employees, but there are additional considerations as well. Many healthcare professionals will need to have their credentials assessed to ensure they’re qualified to provide care to patients. This will vary based on your country or state, but it’s an essential part of the process. 

That’s one of the reasons working with a staffing partner can benefit your recruiting program. Compliance will be top of mind. Other tips for hiring the best healthcare employees include: 

  • Ask for employee referrals: Your current staff is an amazing source for top talent. Good people refer good people, especially if there’s an incentive tied to performance. Offer a bonus for employees to refer qualified healthcare professionals and pay them after your new hire works for a set number of hours. 

  • Provide top-notch benefits: You can also attract top healthcare talent by providing great benefits. Not only should this include the typical benefits for your country or state but additional incentives that employees are looking for. 

  • Focus on communication: Your application and interview process will also influence your quality of hire. For many, a lack of communication from a potential employer will raise a red flag, affecting the ability to hire qualified candidates. Be sure to communicate at every step of the process. 

  • Leverage social media: Social media has changed the way we communicate. People today often make buying decisions based solely on social media. The same is true for employment. If you’re not on social media and promoting your brand in a positive way, you may miss out on top candidates. 

  • Improve onboarding: Just like an employee needs to impress you in the first few days on the job, you also need to impress them. Your onboarding experience needs to be a positive one to keep new employees engaged. This isn’t just about training but about integrating and welcoming the new team member into your culture. 

  • Use the right software: Staffing software can aid you in hiring the right people at the right times. You can manage the entire process all in once place and ensure that your new employees are properly vetted and prepared to start. You can use it to post your jobs, manage your healthcare pipeline, and make better hiring decisions overall. 

Could the right staffing partner and software help you succeed this year? If you’re looking to hire top healthcare employees, contact HireHive today. 

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