Web Summit 2016: What went down

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Now homed in Lisbon, Portugal, the Web Summit has become the world’s largest non-industry conference for all things technology. This year’s event was visited by some of the biggest names in business, technology and entertainment.

The prime-minister of Portugal rubbed shoulders with Shailene Woodley, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit kept the company of Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Initial Wifi woes aside, the Web Summit seems to have settled comfortably into its new home of Lisbon. With some of the titans of the technology world present and sharing their recent developments, the Web Summit offers much to discuss. Here’s a few of the major talking points, both in the world of recruiting and the wider technology world.

 Sean Rad of Tinder


In what is likely to be the most surprising piece of news from Web Summit 2016, 80% of Tinder users are seeking long-term relationships on the app. We’ll bring you more on this as it develops….

Spark of Genius

web summit 2016

Winners of the Spark of Genius competition keep company with some pretty impressive names. Past winners have been picked up by Samsung for reported sums of hundreds of millions. In the running were 12 organisations, from a dog-sitting marketplace to tools for building IOT applications. This years winners were Openback, producers of an app designed to make notifications more practical and less of a nuisance… truly noble work.

Aaaaah Skynet

web summit 2016

Hanson Robotics demonstrated humanoid robots capable of impressive expression and interaction. Their friend Sophia acted as a proof of concept at the event. I, for one, welcome our robot overlords…

Bashing hashtagging

web summit 2016

Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian, came down hard on the hashtag, stating it is the “greatest farce foisted on us.” He claims that it is not an effective way of bringing interesting, popular content to the surface, favouring Reddit’s upvote. #JustSaying.


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