What makes a great customer?

Siobhan Hasner
Siobhan Hasner

Great customers like charity: water, Engineers Without Borders and Kaplan International.

These customers come from various industries like education, logistics, technology to name just a few, are of various sizes and are based in locations around the world.

As we continue to grow the age old saying is becoming more important ‘a great company really is built on great customers’ – without these companies using HireHive we just wouldn’t be here.

So we’ve looked at what makes a really great customer for us…


Customers that are engaged from the start are the best type of customer. Openness and communication are key in a B2B company. Having a customer that is engaged from the start helps to build a trusted relationship and opens up the door for communication.


Customer expectations need to be clear from the beginning and need to align with what you are offering as a company. There is no sense in offering the sun, moon and the stars just to win a deal – this will leave a bad taste when you can’t deliver on your promise. Transparency and clear discussion of requirements is key.

Feedback – good and also bad

Great customers aren’t afraid to communicate. It’s human nature to quickly complain when there’s a problem but great customers will also be quick to share their good experience and tell you what works well for them. Negative feedback is given in a constructive way, often with suggestions on what would solve the issue.

Feedback from our customers is what shapes where we take HireHive, how we improve certain aspects of the product and what new features we add in. Gathering this feedback is done through regular customer check ins and an ‘always looking for feedback’ policy that is aided with the use of marketing automation tool, Intercom which allows customers to easily communicate directly with us while logged into their account.

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