Who to ‘Follow’ at the HR Tech World Congress in London

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

We all know the general feeling of smugness or superiority, when you catch onto a TV series, band or website before it gets popular. Nothing beats it. Why leave that enjoyment for the world outside of work? We’ve picked a few speakers from this year’s HR Tech Congress event in London for you to follow on Twitter and LinkedIn, so you can be well prepared for some HR anorak-ing.

Simon Sinek


His Ted Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” is the 3rd most watched video on Ted.com, but if that is not enough to inspire interest, he’s also author of a number of books on motivation and leadership, including “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.” His theories on “Why” being at the source of all human motivation inspired this book, as well as his theory of the Golden Circle of Human Motivation. He’s also a motivational speaker and teaches at Columbia. Just reading that makes me feel like I should go for a run or something.

Euan Semple


Social media evangelist, Euan Semple introduced social media tools to a number of large organisations, among them The World Bank, NATO, BBC and BP. He’s got some pretty interesting views on social media analytics technology “missing the point.” Considering the interest and increasing reliance on social tools for recruiting, the perspective of an early adopter, and active critic, of social tools in recruiting would certainly be of interest.

Martha Lane Fox


One of the brains behind Lastminute.com, she wasn’t one to rest on her laurels after its sale in 2005. She has since founded her own charity, Antigone.org.uk, been appointed as a peer in the House of Lords, and was appointed Chancellor of the Open University. More recently she founded doteveryone.org.uk, which seeks to make Britain “a global exemplar of what is possible when a country proactively embraces understanding and use of internet enabled technologies in every aspect of its economy and society.”

Peter Hinssen


A world leader in disruptive innovation, Nexxworks founder Hinssen has written and lectured extensively on the impact of technology on society. Further areas of interest are consumer adoption of technology, on the impact of the networked digital society, and on the Alignment between Business and IT. His book, “The New Normal” looks at our increasing dependence on digital technologies. Nexxworks seeks to inject disruptive innovation at the heart of corporations.

Andrew Chamberlain


The impact of Glassdoor on recruiting, branding and social is undeniable, so to get it all from the horse’s mouth will be a point of interest. Chief economist, Andrew Chamberlain, has a particular interest in research and analytics on trends in the labour market. Russell is the VP of International and responsible for international business and growth strategy. With plenty of digital media experience, he’ll certainly have an interesting perspective on social recruiting.

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