Who Uses Recruitment Software?

John Dennehy
John Dennehy

Like any business, it’s essential for us to know who our customers are. When we first launched HireHive we thought that most customers would be software companies based in Ireland, the UK and the US.

We were surprised by what happened.

In the past couple of weeks, for example, our newest customers include a shipping company in Ireland, a data analytics startup in Mexico, a US builder, and a facilities management company in India.

One of our more memorable and perhaps unexpected sign-ups was from a convent recruiting nuns. Not too long after that, we had a sign up from a night club located in a dubious red light district. There was no apparent connection between the two events.

Even the size of our clients varies hugely from two-person startups to regional teams in companies with over 50,000 employees. One of the least corporate users is actually a lady hiring help for her own private home.

We have clients of every size and shape in every sector and on every continent (except Antartica, which is a very small market with four museums and 13 government agencies).

So, who uses recruitment software? Basically, anybody who’s hiring.

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