Why you should be using an Applicant Tracking System

Ciara Cronin
Ciara Cronin

These days everyone is looking for different ways to speed up and simplify processes in everyday life – from online shopping, to video calling someone on the other side of the world, to high speed broadband being commonplace.

To make recruitment a quicker and easier process, companies should consider using an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) also known as recruitment software.
An ATS is a type of software application that manages the recruitment process to determine which candidates are the best fit for the positions for which they applied. This simplifies the recruitment process and offers benefits to both companies and candidates.

Company Experience

For companies, using an ATS can help to build up a database of potential hires for current and future job opportunities. Finding the right candidate is simplified.
Recruitment software such as HireHive can have many benefits for companies, such as a candidate rating system, the ability to adapt screening questions, and employee referrals.

An important feature of HireHive is the ability to organise and schedule interviews, allowing important dates and information to be stored in one place.
An ATS can be adapted to meet the needs of each company, with bespoke plans and features to suit a company’s needs.

It can also allow for employees involved in the hiring process to make notes on candidates, highlighting certain skills or relevant experience they may have.
Most systems will offer auto job board posting. This means your jobs can be automatically posted to multiple job boards, such as Indeed, saving time for the company’s HR managers.

Candidate Experience

In recruitment today, candidates are looking for ease of application, a personalised touch, and the ability to apply for jobs on the go. ATS systems can help you tick all of these boxes and keep your candidates happy. An important aspect is the functionality and usability of an ATS. This will impact a candidate’s overall first impression and experience in dealing with the company. The User experience will be positive, encouraging candidates to apply.

As an ATS can post jobs on multiple job boards, it means more potential candidates will see the job. It can also allow candidates to apply through social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, which could be crucial to finding the right person for the job.

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, the prompt application process will be valued by candidates. Applicant Tracking Systems efficiently managing the recruitment process, saving valuable time and keeping data in one place. They are easy to use and companies of any size should consider implementing one to improve productivity within the business.

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