Why you need recruiting software when you’re not hiring

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

We all know how recruiting software works, right? It takes care of applications and job ads for you. If you have to hire candidates immediately, you can generate application forms and resources for interviewing. Great!

That is all true, but it is a short-sighted view of the usefulness of recruiting software. Recruiting software can be working hard for you, even when you don’t need to recruit. So here are just a few of the reasons you should use recruiting software in down time:

Record keeping is an important part of the recruiting process, which recruiting software can really help with


Keeping thorough records is always advisable. It’s always a thrill to find the receipt for your first laptop in the 90s or the cinema tickets from your first date. Record keeping has slightly greater significance in recruiting. 

Careful record keeping as part of your recruiting process is not only useful for your own process, but it is also a legal requirement. If you are in the US and are the subject of an EEOC investigation, you will have to provide documentation supporting any recruiting decisions. Using recruiting software like HireHive, you can easily generate reports.


You have to play the long game when implementing an effective employee referral program. You have to keep employees engaged long term and you have to keep up communications, even when you are not actively hiring.

Using recruiting software will help you generate social media links for your employees to share with their network of connections, as well as tracking where the referrals are coming from. You can also keep any applications on record to refer back to.

Candidate feedback

Candidate experience is essential in the recruiting process. Word spreads quickly and you want a candidate to leave with the best possible impression of your company. Candidates often seek feedback if they have been unsuccessful in their application and where you can, you should oblige.

A candidate may reach out for feedback at any stage after the recruiting process, so it is handy to keep something should they ask. HireHive allows you to create reports from scorecards, which will help you formulate a quick response on their performance in the interview.

Much of your past recruiting efforts are useful to your future recruiting efforts


Do not waste the hard work you have already done. Much of your past recruiting efforts are useful to your future recruiting efforts. Any data you have been gathering will give you incredible insights into where your successes have been, as well as failures.

If you have been using recruiting software for some time, this job will be already done for you. Tools like HireHive will collect data on incoming applications and you can generate reports at the push of a button. Even if you are planning to recruit in the distant future, recruiting software is working all the time in the background.

Unsolicited CVs and applications

Sometimes CVs and applications come out of nowhere. From prospective interns, to individuals interested in your company or even the aforementioned employee referrals, sometimes CVs just find their way to you.

You do not want to let potential employees slip through your fingers, so it is sensible to keep them on record. Recruiting software makes it very easy to maintain a talent pool, by keeping record of who you have spoken to.

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