Widening your talent pool

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Nothing worse than not having a Phillips screwdriver in your toolbox when you need one. Having a wide talent pool and access to recruiting software means you never have to suffer this when recruiting.

Building an effective talent pool is central to an efficient recruiting process. If you find yourself in a position where you need to recruit quickly, having a pool of talented candidates to pull from is just the kind of support you need. If you use recruiting software this support is greater again in ensuring a steady supply of talented team members in the face of huge competition.  

Building a talent pool is a task you can easily work at during down time or quiet phases in recruiting, but can you take a more strategic approach? Widening your talent pool will ensure that the reach of your employer brand is sufficiently broad, but can you go too far? Here are a few ways you can strike the right balance.

Consider remote workers

By considering accommodating the specific approach to work and personal preferences of candidates, you may be able to beat off competition from other organizations. If you can appeal to remote workers you might be able to access pockets of talent that are otherwise unreachable.  

Previous applicants

If someone has already applied to work for your organisation, you know that they are likely to be interested in a relevant role. Keeping up with candidates with skill sets in short supply will mean you might be able to reach them before the competition when a role opens up.

Reconsider your needs

If you find yourself frequently hiring in the same area you will often reuse the same job spec. This might limit your horizons when it comes to applicants. By constantly reassessing what your needs are, attracting diverse talent will be much easier. A narrow definition of your needs might find your team lacking.

Geographical limits

You may have been looking locally for talent, but that might mean that you are missing out on top talent. Many candidates welcome a change of location, especially younger, millennial candidates. Broadening your search geographically could mean a higher calibre of candidate.    

Social media

Social media is a fantastically easy way of engaging with those interested in your organisation. Your followers might even make up some of your talent pool. Reaching out to and engaging with your social media followers when recruiting may pair you with your dream candidate.

Think again about your recruiting process

Are you looking in the same places for new talent? You might be just exhausting a finite supply. If you are too reliant on traditional sources, consider something new. Industry events, social media, or even industry related websites might be the new source you need.

College recruiting

Graduates and students offer a pool of talent with relevant, cutting edge skill sets, with an unparalleled flexibility. Though sometimes inexperienced, graduates might be just the kind of talent you need. Keep contact with universities and colleges to build good relationships, as well as access to top talent.

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