5 Things Recruiters Can Do to Get Ready for Work to Pick Up Again

HireHive Team
HireHive Team

It’s not surprising that recruitment is down across a broad spectrum of businesses right now. With COVID-19 still impacting many countries around the world, recruiting professionals have been waiting in the wings for hiring to pick up. The trick is to be patient. The global economy will recover, though it may be slower in some places than others. What can you do as a recruiter if your company is on hold with hiring but you want to keep your skills fresh so you’re ready to hit the ground running? Let’s take a closer look. 

Update Your LinkedIn

Do you use LinkedIn for your career? Even if you don’t, now is a good time to create or update your LinkedIn page. This is still considered the premier professional networking platform online and is used around the world. 

By updating your LinkedIn, you can showcase your experience as a recruiter and be available in searches for professionals looking for their next job. It will also help you when you begin searching for candidates again so they can see that your information is most up to date. Improve your headline, participate in group discussions, and ask for recommendations. 

Build Your Brand

Similarly, this is the perfect time to build your brand. You may be thinking that you need to adhere entirely to your company brand so why bother with your own. While that’s true to a degree, it’s also helpful for you to set yourself apart as an industry expert. 

Do you have a website? Update that. Do you have a blog? Now is a good time to start writing one so you can showcase your expertise online and be helpful for job seekers and employers while not actively recruiting. Make sure you can be found on other social media platforms as well. 

Learn New Tech Skills

When business is slow, investing in your technical knowledge can keep your skills sharp. More companies will be reliant on online services such as remote working platforms and onboarding procedures. Learning how to navigate the most up to date applicant tracking systems can also help you improve your marketability as a recruiter. 

Consider learning to use recruiting software like HireHive. This can give you an advantage when you’re ready to get back into the recruiting game. 

Keep Building Pipelines

While you want to avoid making promises you can’t keep, you can still work on your pipelines. There will be more people out of work, including very qualified candidates, in the months to come. Tap into those networks and talk to them about their future employment goals. 

This way, you can tap into that network again when new positions start to open up. It will keep you from having to do additional research, sourcing, and legwork and you can jump right back into placements. 

Read, Listen, Do

Do you want more resources? Check out these influencers online. And don’t forget the blog here at HireHive. You can also check out these books we recommend. Listen to these podcasts to help you broaden your knowledge base. 

You may also want to take online courses to help improve your skills. There are plenty available through national and international human resources organizations, like these from LinkedIn

Do you want to know more ways to keep your skills fresh this year? Contact the team at HireHive to learn more. 

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