HireHive versus the competition

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

HireHive is a simple, comprehensive recruiting software tool that could make a huge difference to your recruiting efforts. What sets HireHive apart from the competition?

We’re not going to name names, but so many recruiting software solutions are clunky, dated and not particularly user-friendly. With the wealth of online recruiting tools and options, they might need to get their act together.

HireHive takes a different approach when supporting you in your recruiting projects. We try to keep things simple and easy to use, but also comprehensive. Here are a few ways that HireHive sets itself apart from the competition.

One stop shop

If you’re managing a small recruitment team and you’re relying on multiple tools to do essentially the same job, you will drive yourself crazy. There are so many oddly specific tools out there, that  might do one job well, but combined with other tools they are very little help.

HireHive acts as a one stop shop for all of your recruiting needs. Job ads, applicant processing, communications, employee referral programs and data analytics can all be performed from this one simple tool.

A recruiting software tool shouldn’t require extensive technical knowledge to operate

Easy to use

A recruiting software tool shouldn’t require extensive technical knowledge to operate. Things should work at a click of a button or after 2-3 simple steps. User interfaces should be clean and simple. The more time spent clicking random buttons, the less time spent on the task at hand.

Training your team is simple with HireHive and the overall ease of use means that your team can work independently with the support of a simple comprehensive tool. Recruiting software is meant to help your recruiting processes, not hinder them.


No one job is the same, no one team is the same and no one recruiting project is the same. Taking a similar approach to each recruiting project has its benefits, but too far one way or the other and the whole project can get a little messy.

You shouldn’t need a degree in computer science to be able to perform a couple of simple customizations on a recruiting tool. HireHive allows you to make changes to your recruiting projects so you can meet your specific needs.


Communication is one of the most important aspects of the recruiting pipeline. Communications need to be simple and personal. Everyone knows an automated email when they see one and many tools have an awkward, overcomplicated email integration, which makes personalization near impossible.

HireHive has a simple email function, as well as various social media features. You can access all communications with candidates through their profiles. Even internal communications for referral programs are catered to HireHive, with batch emails for your team and social media links available at a click.

There is nothing worse than soulless automated emails or repetitive application forms that take hours

Human touch

There is nothing worse than soulless automated emails or repetitive application forms that take hours. Many recruiting tools are overcomplicated and rely on the status quo when it comes to application processes. It takes the human element out of recruiting for recruiter and applicant.

HireHive allows you to achieve the right balance of automation and human interaction. Communications can be personalised and application forms can be simplified, made more user-friendly. This makes the process much friendlier for your team and your applicants.

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