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Siobhan Hasner
Siobhan Hasner

Job boards are plentiful – there seems to be one for every industry, every job type and of course, every location. They often get a bad rap but with 200 million people visiting job boards like each month*, job board posting certainly has its place in recruitment.

The biggest problem with posting to these job boards is often managing each one. You need to log in to each platform and review candidates using various methods. The good news is that HireHive can help you post to various job boards automatically but it can also help you post to niche job boards that you use pulling all information into the one place.

Posting jobs to job boards

When you post a job on HireHive that job gets its own individual URL link. This link can be used across the web to capture applications and track candidates through the recruitment process.

Almost all job boards offer two application processes:
1) Capture applications within the job board
2) Capture applications via a third party URL/link

The second option will allow you to direct your applications into HireHive allowing you to fully track and manage your candidates through the recruitment process.

You will still benefit from the job boards reach but capturing applications in HireHive takes the admin headache out of job board posting by allowing you to review all applications in one place and still tracking the source of applications.

Job Board examples

Examples of job boards that have a URL/link application option:

job boards

*1comScore, February 2017, 2Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, September 2016

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