How recruiting software can help your recruiting strategy

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Your recruiting strategy may contain many strands, but is your recruiting software solution the best way to keep them all together?

Maintaining the many aspects of your recruiting strategy might feel like spinning plates. A varied, targeted approach ensures the best return, but can require a lot of effort on your part. A recruiting software solution may be the best way to tie all the threads of your strategy together.

Employee referral scheme

An employee referral scheme is a very effective strategy to include in your recruiting projects. It is cheap, quick and assures improved retention rates. As well as that, it includes your wider team in your recruiting efforts, making use of their network and demonstrating to employees that their input is valued.

Recruiting tools like HireHive can help you implement and maintain an employee referrals scheme in your organisation. You can also generate social media posts for your employees to use on their social networks, track any referrals and generate reports on any referral drives. Pursuing a quick and effective recruiting strategy will save you considerable effort.


Reaching as broad a base within your target group is essential for your recruiting projects. A multimodal approach is best, incorporating job boards, social media platforms and other tools in any recruiting marketing materials.

Being able to use the most effective platforms for your target groups will make sure that you are reaching the most suitable applicants and that you are using your resources efficiently. HireHive allows you to post to multiple job boards and social media platforms, as well as generating a custom careers site, which allows you to cover all bases when advertising your open roles.

Sometimes a recruiting project is just too much for a small team and you need to seek help

External recruiter portal

Even wonder woman gets her hair done. Sometimes a recruiting project is just too much for a small team and you need to seek help. As well as that, in industries where there is huge competition for talent, you may need specialist knowledge to make the hires you need. An external recruiter may play a huge role in your recruiting strategy.

Using a tool like HireHive, you can give external recruiters some access to your portal, allowing agencies to help fill roles. You can track the effectiveness of this through the dashboard and determine if they are helping your recruiting efforts. You can also track duplicates, avoiding wasted effort.

Scorecards and feedback

Recruiting is a two-way street. A good candidate experience is essential and one way of assuring this is by promptly offering feedback to your applicants. As well as that, you need to gather information to help you make your final decision and remain compliant with any labour laws.

Using scorecards is one way of achieving all of this easily. HireHive helps you to formulate candidate scorecards, which will help you get the most out of your interviewing process, for the benefit of you and your candidate. When both parties are happy, you can consider your recruiting project a success.

Determining where your past successes and failures lie will help any recruiting project

Reporting and analytics

Determining where your past successes and failures lie will help any recruiting project. Analysing any data on the applications you receive and process will give you insights on the volume, as well as what type of candidates apply.

HireHive enables you to analyse various aspects of your recruiting pipeline. Using an online recruiting solution like HireHive allows you to generate reports on your recruiting projects at the push of a button. Being able to quantify what you’re achieving and where will be invaluable to your recruiting strategy.

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