5 ways recruiting software can help you make better hires

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Self-help books. Running marathons. Meal prep. We’re all looking for new ways to do the things we do every day, but somehow better – better than the Joneses next door. You may already have an effective process of recruiting, but how can you improve it? Recruiting software is your trump card. Here’s how you can truly embarrass the competition using online recruiting software.


Candidate experience is at the root of this. The horrifying statistic that 70% of candidates do not even get a reply to an application often does the rounds. This means if you can keep up consistent contact with a candidate, no matter the stage of the recruiting process, you have got a distinct advantage over competitors. Wow, that does not even sound like a challenge.

Online recruiting software can greatly improve the experience of communicating with potential candidates. For example, a good recruiting system allows you to keep a chain of communication open with your candidates, as well as sharing access to this with chosen colleagues. Rather than muddle through your email inbox, you’re able to keep the conversation with candidates going.


When you get to the interviewing stage, there is so much to consider about candidates. You have likely been through their CV, references, skills tests and maybe even a phone interview. You will be weighing up all pros and cons and where the candidate’s strengths lie. On top of that, you have to gather your candidates together, hiring managers and anyone who should attend the interview, getting them to decide on appropriate times.


Recruiting software can help you schedule interviews, which is the most significant logistical challenge you will face. HireHive’s scheduling tool is integrated with Outlook and Gmail, which is always helpful. Not only that, but it will automatically inform any and all participants, if an interview changes in any way. That’s taken care of anyway *takes a hard-earned coffee break*  


Learning from past experiences and mistakes is very useful. The borderline obsession with the concept of data in industry is justified. If you can quantify your successes and failures in recruiting, this information will vastly improve any future recruiting efforts.


Recruiting software allows recruiters to automatically pull reports on various aspects of the hiring process. Rather than fiddling with excel sheets or having to do any manual work, at the click of a button, you can generate reports offering huge insight.


A dedicated careers site is a very effective way of engaging with potential employees. Whether advertising open positions, attracting graduates, getting prospective CVs or giving insight into your organisation, a careers page can be very functional.

A recruiting system like HireHive can publish job ads to a number of job boards at once, making sure all bases are covered. Not only that, but you can create your own custom job site, without the hassle of maintaining a website.

Employee referrals

Employee referrals are one of the most effective ways of hiring top candidates. Retention and quality of hire are much higher through employee referrals. Turns out your employees know some people in high places.

Making use of cloud-based recruiting software, like HireHive, you can harness the power of your existing colleagues to make top hires. You can share social media links to open positions through HireHive. You can also track where the referrals are coming from.

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