The benefits of using a recruiting agency portal

Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill

With their depth of industry-specific knowledge and numerous connections, recruitment and staffing agencies allow organisations to tap into a wide pool of active and passive candidates in half the time and effort. In most cases, agencies are an extension of your internal hiring efforts, helping you garner the best candidates.

Despite the importance of recruitment agencies, organisations often find it difficult to integrate them into their overall recruitment process. Generally, agencies handle their recruiting work separately, which can lead to losing track of candidates and other mishaps. At HireHive, we understand that you need to track and manage the work of recruitment agencies, which is why we recently developed an agency portal.

So what benefits can this agency portal provide for your organisation?

Easy to set up

If you are an admin of an existing HireHive account, it is easy to set up your agency portal. You can add in your existing recruitment agencies, along with the names of specific recruiters. It is important that you assign recruiters to specific jobs, so they can see these jobs when they log in.

recruiter portal

Secure portal

Once the external recruiter receives their login details, they have access to a secure portal where they can submit candidates. The recruiters only see their assigned jobs and they can only submit candidates for these jobs. With the click of a button, recruiters can add in a candidate’s details, as well as their CV/Resume, cover letter and any other notes.

agency portal

Status Updates

Once a recruiter has submitted a candidate to HireHive, they will be able to see the candidate’s position in the overall recruiting process. However, recruiters will just see whether their candidate is ‘in process’ or ‘rejected’. They will not see the details of the candidate process, like if someone moved the candidate from ‘Screening’ or ‘Interviewing’.

If the recruiter tries to submit a candidate that’s already in the system, this will be flagged. The flag will appear for the recruiter – they will get an alert that the candidate may already be in the system. The company account user will also get an alert that the candidate applied/was submitted in the past along with the initial source.

Source Tracking

As all candidates from your internal hiring efforts and recruitment agencies are accessible from one place, there needs to be some way to differentiate between the two. This is why a black ‘Agency’ tag will appear next to a candidate submitted by an agency. If you hover over the tag, you will see the name of the agency recruiter who submitted the candidate. This allows you to fully track compensation payments. If a candidate applied in the past or a recruiter submitted them, the original source of the candidate will appear.

Note: The Agency Portal is only available on Super and Mega Hive Plans.

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