Why recruiting software is your one-stop shop

Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill

Recruiting software often resembles a one stop shop i.e. somewhere you can get everything you need in one place.

Of course, instead of sweets or hardware appliances, recruiting software holds all your job postings, reports, referrals among many other things – in one place. Unfortunately, many companies still believe they don’t need recruiting software due to low hiring activity. However, as we’ve said before, this is very short sighted view of how recruiting software helps.

Like a one stop shop, a good recruiting software manages everything recruitment – related, even when hiring levels are low. Sure, you may not need everything recruiting software offers, but often you can select certain features; this is then reflected in your pricing plan. One thing for certain is that email and spreadsheets are ineffective methods of managing hiring of any velocity.

Still not convinced? See our 5 reasons why recruiting software should be your one stop shop.

1. Helps you manage internal and external hiring

Chances are, a percentage of your hiring is done internally, while the rest is done through recruitment agencies. Without recruiting software in place, it is difficult for companies to have full visibility on their internal and external sourcing. Having a recruiting software, like HireHive, will allow you to see what candidates you source internally or externally.

To manage externally sourced candidates, you can use a feature called the recruitment agency portal; this allows your recruitment agencies to submit candidates and see how their candidates perform. See the benefits of agency portal here. This portal helps divide the different components of your sourcing efforts and you can easily determine which recruitment agencies are performing best.

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2. Recruiting software automates tasks

With candidates to source, reams of applications to go through, interviews to attend.. Recruiters are notoriously time poor. Why not automate some of your processes and free up some time? Recruiting software, like HireHive can automate processes throughout the recruitment journey.

For example, if you want to see which candidates possess certain skills, simply enter the required skills into the search bar and see what candidates appear. Or if you wish to send all unsuccessful applicants a rejection email – simply create an email template and send it to relevant candidates in a flash. Recruiting software really makes your life a lot easier.

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3. You can understand your hiring data

One of the biggest complaints we hear from companies who use email and Excel for hiring is the difficulty in reviewing important data; i.e. they have no idea how many people they hired in the last few months, where these candidates came from and which platforms are providing the best ROI. This is particularly unhelpful when reviewing hiring efforts with senior management as you will find it difficult to justify your hiring decisions.

Recruitment software to the rescue! By using reports in your recruitment software, you can easily tell how many applications you received, if your conversions are healthy and what platforms are providing the best ROI. In a nutshell, reports help you evaluate the strengths and the weaknesses.

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4. Recruiting software ensures compliance

With GDPR and other data protection laws looming in the background, compliance in recruitment is more important than ever. Recruitment software allows you to hold candidate’s data safely. Candidates may request to see or withdraw their data at any time, so recruiting software makes this process easier.

Recruiting software is also great for holding feedback on candidates. If an unsuccessful candidate believes you unfairly disqualified them, they may want detailed feedback. Using feedback forms in recruitment software means you can easily transport this data. 

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5. It keeps a neat candidate database

Remember that candidate from a few months ago who wasn’t a great fit for that job, but would be great for this current one? Well if you can’t remember his name, it will be difficult to sift through emails and spreadsheets to find him. This is where recruitment software strikes again.

Recruiting software ensures that unsuccessful candidates are not forgotten about. Using advanced search tools, you can still find the candidate’s information and contact details. The candidate may be working elsewhere, but may still be interested in your company if you provide a pleasant candidate experience.

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